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Translation Services Japan: Why you need more than, well, translation

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Unless you’re translating a love letter, chances are simple, plain vanilla translation will not cut it!

In fact, most English Japanese translation requests we get require multiple skill sets to see a project through to fruition. Below follows a sample of typical translation projects Translation Services Japan deals with on a regular basis:

  • Brochure translation: translation, graphic design & printing
  • Certified translation: legal translation & desktop publishing
  • Marketing translation: research, translation, sales copywriting
  • Website translation: translation, web copywriting & localization

As you can see, translation is hardly ever…just that, translation. I’m sure you can identify all the different skills required to close out any one of those projects. (Localization is the process of preparing material for a local market. For example, an apparel website designed for the US market will need to be coded to display sizes in centimeters, and not inches.)

You’re probably curious what happens when a translation agency doesn’t have all the skill sets for a particular project?

Outsourcing! That is, the company will contract third party suppliers -companies and freelances- in their network. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Valuable corporate materials flying around the Internet (NDA’s are only as good as they can be monitored!)
  • Project delays
  • Increased costs
  • Lower quality

Generally, when a company needs to outsource (as a result of not having the necessary skills in-house), they lose control of many aspects of the project. For example, their outsourcing partners may not have the same quality standards as has been promised you.

The article heading may be misleading in suggesting that translation, being only one aspect of the solution, is not important. This could not be further from the truth — It is central to reaching your local Japanese target audiences. That is, it’s important to find a professional translation service that can not only pair your project with the right professional Japanese translators, but also have the in-house capability to meet all the requirements of your project (i.e. desktop publishing, graphic design, printing, research, translation, sales copywriting, web copywriting & localization)

And, oh, did I mention going with Translation Services Japan eliminates stress not having to deal with a hand full of different & disparate vendors?
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