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Young Alumni


Winthrop Young Alumni are Graduates of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.). Members of G.O.L.D. are alumni who have received a traditional undergraduate Winthrop degree within the last 10 years. Graduates of the Last Decade make up approximately 1/4 of our alumni constituency. As an active G.O.L.D., you can stay connected to and engaged with your alma mater in a variety of ways, including participation in social activities, networking events and athletic games, among others.

Young Alumni Councils

Young Alumni Councils coordinate activities for Graduates of the Last Decade including social events, networking opportunities, community service projects, and mentorship of current students. Composed of a diverse group of three to six alumni volunteers, councils connect and engage young alumni with the university and fellow alumni. For more information, or to volunteer with a Young Alumni Council, please e-mail the Alumni Association at



If you are interested in being a Charleston Young Alumni Council Leader, please e-mail the Alumni Association at


Charlotte, NC

Young Alumni Council Leader: Byron McCall '13  


Young Alumni Council Leader: Tevin Brown '13


Rock Hill

Young Alumni Council Leader: Dani McCaw '19 



Young Alumni Council Leader: Breonica Robinson '19


Washington, D.C.

Young Alumni Council Leader: Elisabeth West '18 

Last Updated: 1/5/23