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Cheap Housing Program Conducted In Indonesia

Friday, May 26th, 2017

Housing is one of the necessities in human existence. With advancement in lifestyle we are not limited to basic shelter concept but we look for a shelter with four walls, a roof having proper amenities. The cost of a dwelling may not be very affordable for many and that is the reason why the cheap housing decor via perumnas  is taken up.

The beginning of the program in 2015 

In 2015 the government effectively implemented this cheap housing program with Rp 5.1 trillion as budget set aside to support the construction of low – cost housing. The Housing Financial Liquidity Facility Program (FLPP) worked closely with banks and property developers and constructed 75000 building units ready for occupancy in the month of July in 2015. The government noticed the high response of this program in the first years itself and decided to increase the budget. Rp 97 trillion was thus sanctioned to be invested in this sphere for the year of 2017.

Sales mechanism for 1 million housing units

According to Syarif Burhanuddin, Director General of Housing Provision of the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (kemenpupera) the million housing units can be categorized into type types. The categorization is as follows: 600000 homes are for low income communities (MBR) and the other 400000 are for non MBR residents. The homes of the MBR are certainly equipped with KPR subsidy system while those allotted to the non MBRs are left entirely to developers and banks as mortgage providers.

The down payments of the houses are made quite affordable and friends of Perumnas can get a house with a down payment of 1 to 10%. Also, the government is ready to support the low income communities with USD Rp 4million if they truly are in need of it. Finally, the installments are also taken care of so that they are not burdensome. A shelter can be completely afforded in Rp 800000 per month within 15 years.

The ultimate idea

The Director General stated that the program is not a home sharing event from the government to the community. The community wants to build houses on the land provided by the local government. It is similar to ordinary mortgage program keeping the down payment, installments etc fairly easy. The socialization is yet not effective though it aims to achieve betterment in following years.

Storage Facilities are Perfect for Online Business Owners

Monday, May 15th, 2017

The good thing about selling products online is that you don’t need an actual store for people to check the products out. You can simply place the images and descriptions of the products online and potential buyers can place their order right away.

You can even run the business at home. You just need Internet access, a few employees and a partner delivery company, and you are good to go. Your business is already up and running. The only thing you need to realise is that your business is growing bigger. In no time, your home might not be enough to accommodate all the products ordered by your online customers.

This is why it is important that you check out storage facilities. They are designed to help you store the products you are yet to sell. Since they are self-storage facilities, you can easily store and retrieve the products whenever necessary.

This is a great help for your business in the sense that you can have a lot of the products you sell stored in the facility first while waiting for people to order them. Your house, which is technically your office, won’t be messy.

Check the facility

Although there are a lot of options for storage Gloucester offers, it helps if you check the area first. You need to know if there is enough security to ensure that all the products you keep won’t be lost or stolen. There should be security cameras, guards, digital locks and other security equipment to help keep these items intact. You must be the only person (or anyone whom you have authorised) to access your storage facility.

Temperature control

This is another factor you need to take into consideration. You don’t want your products to lose quality or be damaged because the storage facility has no temperature control. You must be able to set the temperature inside the facility so that regardless of the temperature changes outside, the items won’t be affected. There are certain products like paper, electronic devices and furniture that are very sensitive. They must be totally protected or else you won’t be able to sell them anymore.

Check the contract

Before closing the deal, you need to know how much you are paying and how long you are planning to rent the facility. If you think your business will continue this way, it helps if you sign a long-term contract. This gives you access to cheaper rental fees. As long as you pay your bill on time, this won’t be a big problem.

Take your time searching for the best storage facility for your online business. You will know once you have found the right place.