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8 Ideas to Help you Personalize your Home Office

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

The home office is where you spend all of your work time and most of your day. You already know the essentials to designing your home office. You have made it fully functionable for work.


Your office looks nice, but it is missing the personal touches. You want some ideas on what to add to make this home office distinctively yours.


Creative Calendar


Pick a fun calendar design that would make you look forward to seeing it daily. Design or buy a calendar unique to your personality. Find general creative calendars at a mall kiosk or bookstore.


For a specific theme or design, conduct a simple keyword search on your favorite search engine. For a customized calendar, take your photos to a company that offers printing services, such as Staples, Walgreens, and Vistaprint.




If there is enough wall space available, hang a dreamboard in your office. This board can keep you motivated by reminding you of your dreams and goals. It can help you get a clearer vision of your dreams, which inspires you to work harder to achieve them.


If your office lacks some space, consider creating a small vision board or hanging post-it notes with your goals written on them. A visual representation of your dreams should always hang near your office for inspiration.


Inspirational Quotes


Use photoshop to create pictures of inspirational quotes. Use creative fonts to really make the words pop, and then buy some cheap frames for them. Pick quotes that you actually connect with, and from people that you admire. Like the dreamboard, these quotes help you stay focused and motivated.




Studies have shown that plants in the office increase happiness and inspire productivity. Decorate your office with a few. Pick plants with a potential long lifespan, and ones that require low maintenance. Additionally, research how to care for your newly acquired plants, because you want them to live longer than a week.


Kooky Supplies


Look for office supplies with a little edge to them. For example, buy a box of colorful pens and pencils instead of the standard ones. Get a box of dog paper clips. Fill your desk with panda staplers. Etsy is full of unique and quirky office supplies that would look perfect on your desk.


Books and Notebooks


Creative notebooks are easy to find anywhere, so the type of journals you add to your office depends on your style.


Do not add too many books to your office, because they could occupy too much space. Be sure that your office library includes a few reference books and the books that you’re currently reading. Read the latter ones during your lunch break. Also add a fun bookend to your office.




Decorate your office with some unique throw pillows. Go for colorful, floral, or patterned ones to add a touch of design to your office. Consider using some pillows to create a small space in your office for midday naps, or a place to read and relax during lunch.


If you’re a pop culture junkie, you may even want to consider pillows depicting your favorite movie or book characters.


Fun Stamps


If your job requires you to edit paperwork, consider buying fun editing tools, such as a like/dislike stamp. This will add a little fun to the editing process.




Figures add a little bit of creativity to your desk; they also showcase your love for a certain character, or set a tone to your office. For fun pop culture figurines, add some Funko Pop figurines to your desk: they give your office a bit of whimsy.


Hot Topic sells a huge selection of Funko Pop creations. They also have frequent Buy Two Get One Free sales, which makes it cheaper to buy a few for your desk. Use Hot Topic coupons to save on these figurines and other pop culture office things.


The office complex: Bishop Ranch

Friday, April 14th, 2017

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